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MOJOA TOURS Destination Management Limited and VIP-World Travel, one of Jamaica’s top destination management companies (DMC), is voicing optimism for what it says could be one of Jamaica’s finest winter seasons in years.

According to the company’s Chief Executive Officer Orville Brown, there are promising signs the season, which started on December 15 and will run through to April, will see an increase in air connectivity out of areas which were once considered out of reach.

“I can speak directly to the December 12 non-stop direct chartered flight out of Austria and Switzerland into the Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay,” Brown pointed out.

“I can only say that this will be a prelude to bigger and better things to come as the season goes along. It was also the first time ever that Jamaica has had a direct flight out of Austria and Switzerland.”

The trip, he said, was organized by his company as part of “a test run”, where tour operators from Austria and Switzerland came here for a sample of the Jamaican experience to take back to sell in their respective markets.

“They came in on a high-level World Travel chartered jet and what I can tell you, without any fear of contradiction is that they had a wonderful time visiting the south coast, Ocho Rios and some of our beautiful attractions,” Brown beamed.


Brown further noted that the flight was the first in a series of planned flights out of Europe for the winter, and that it was both a positive and promising sign that the Jamaica Tourist Board’s (JTB) venture into new markets in Eastern and Western Europe, as well as Latin America, is starting to reap dividends.

Brown said Mojoa Tours stands ready to play a significant role in the future of Jamaica’s tourism, saying “we continue to work with all our international travel partners to get this right”.

He added that Jamaica continues to be an easy sell: “What we have is a destination par excellence and which continues to be an attractive draw for our visitors.”

“It will be our job to continue to get as many chartered flights into Jamaica as possible,” Brown said. He continued, “It is not a stretch to suggest that Jamaica is poised to dominate the region in both stopover and cruise arrivals for years to come.

“We have all been sold on the Government’s growth agenda and its quest for economic prosperity for all,” Brown further added. “This is, and will continue to be, our contribution to the growth agenda as we do see tourism as that real engine of growth.”

For his part, Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett said he is happy to see the DMCs doing their part in engaging the international partners in getting flights out of markets that were once considered unreachable.

“With this kind of approach and forward-thinking, Jamaica will indeed meet all its projections for the winter and beyond,” the minister said. “We have been pushing the connectivity argument for a while, as we know how important it is.”


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